Issues and Priorities

Investing in Education

As a strong supporter of STEM and academic enrichment, Anita has dedicated her career to strengthening public education and working with our youth to prepare New Mexico’s workforce for the future. Education is the best future investment.

I support:

  • Teacher Recruitment and Retention. Expand education programs in all universities and community colleges.
  • Teacher Licensure Expansion. To include OPAL, mentoring programs, and alternative licensure.
  • Increased compensation for teachers and Education Support Professionals
  • Funding for Pre-College Programs and College Support Programs
  • Early Childhood Education and Care initiatives
  • Increased compensation for Higher Education staff and faculty
  • Community College funding expansion to include licensures and training programs
  • Career pathways programs in our public schools and building a future workforce
  • Technology and increased rural infrastructure

  • Services that impact the physical and mental health of students and educators

Expanding Access to Healthcare

Rural areas need access to quality medical services and affordable care. Anita will fight for health equity to close the gaps in healthcare coverage and expand and maintain services for all. People deserve a reliable health care system, and we need an increase in our quality health care workforce capacity.

I support:

  • Protection for vulnerable populations.
  • Eldercare
  • Medical coverage for all New Mexicans through the expansion of Medicaid or through our state’s own healthcare system
  • Continued expansion of the state’s behavioral health system
  • Access to preventative services, specialty medical care, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, and telehealth services
  • Protection of reproductive rights and healthcare
  • Incentives for nursing student, medical programs, and rural providers to create a diverse health care workforce and address the shortage of health care workers
  • Financial and health care security to weather the impacts of COVID-19

Community Development

We must strengthen and safeguard our local community to make it a place to survive and thrive. Collective action and collaboration is necessary to create solutions and affect change.

I support:

  • Environmental Stewardship and Protection
  • Community Youth Programs
  • Eldercare and Senior Services
  • Rural Broadband and Infrastructure Needs
  • Veterans Services
  • First Responder Training and Financial Support
  • Small Business
  • Agricultural Programs
  • Diversification and Growth of Local Economy
  • Protecting Workers Rights
  • Animal Protection
  • Water Protection and our Community Acequias
  • Building a Safe Community